U.S. Navy Clear Stickers

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U.S. Navy Clear Stickers

How to Install a Decal or Sticker : Click Here

  • Size: 6'' - 9''
  • We Use 100% Made In USA Vinyl Sheets
  • We use premium quality matt vinyl with a minimum 5 year outdoor manufactures guarantee, however they will last up to 10 years indoors.
  • They are 100% non-toxic making them safe for children, or anyone else.
  • Once applied they look like they are painted on transparent background - Professional look with no clear/white vinyl around the edges
  • They can be applied to most smooth surfaces including walls, windows, cars, laptops, musical instruments, etc

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike C.

Not only once but, twice they asked me to write a review for an order they never shipped! Horrible company and no follow-through. DON’T ORDER FROM THEM!

Carol T.

Very very nice .

Wayne G.

I will be putting it on my vehicle soon, but the thing you should know is the preceding decal, which was the same, was very nice, but after 5 months or so, part of on letter came off. I tried to report that could I just get a letter replacement, but got no response.

Debby P.

The stick was very nice, but didn't come with instruction. Not knowing the proper way to apply I didn't get it on right and when I took it off it stuck together so I throw it away.

Debby P.

The item was wonderful, but came with no instruction to apply. I screwed it up putting it on and had to throw it away.