1. Cancel/Modify: At MilitaryNations, we understand plans can change. You have 24 hours to modify or cancel your order after purchase. After that or once printing starts, changes can't be made. Reach out to us quickly for support.

2. If the item doesn't match the description (wrong color, design, size, style, or poor quality) or arrives damaged during shipping, provide proof and we will quickly send a replacement at no extra cost. You can even keep the original item as an apology. Just share a photo with us, and we will take care of the rest.

3. Since our products are personalized, returns aren't possible. But we understand that mistakes can happen. In such cases, there's no need to send back the item. You can opt for an easy replacement by paying a small fee based on the original product's price (details below).

This approach ensures a quick and hassle-free solution, getting you the replacement you want without the hassle of returning the item:

        • Items under $30: $15
        • Items $30 to $50: $25
        • Items $50 to $80: $35
        • Items $80 to $99: $45
        • Items over $100: $65

    Just SUMIT A TICKET, note your exchange items, and we'll create a new order. Easy, right?

    4. Refunds: You're protected by our Buyer Protection Program: If you don't receive your product after 30 days since the day you purchased (which rarely happen), we will refund you 100% your money, no question asked!


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